About NutriTalks

At NutriTalks, we believe that our health is dependent on our diet. We are passionate about helping people grow a healthy relationship with food. Laura Willard, our Nutritionist and Founder, has a BSc in Human Nutrition from UCD, Ireland and has worked with Safefood, Operation Transformation, schools, businesses and many individuals.


“Our aim at NutriTalks is to provide sustainable healthy eating habits for our clients to live longer, healthier and happier lives.”


We believe eating well starts at home. We provide our unique NutriFamily programme that will be one of the most beneficial programme your family can invest in. Being brought up in a healthy eating environment is proven to provide children with healthy eating habits for life, lowering their risk of obesity, metabolic diseases and giving them the best chance to live longer and healthier lives. Laura is great with talking to children about healthy eating and has provided programmes in schools and has helped many families to provide healthy eating habits at home for their children. The work environment and our busy lives can mean healthy eating can be the last thing on our mind. We provide a NutriTalk to promote corporate wellness that will promote healthier lifestyles for your staff. Get in touch today to find out more.


Our clients have had fantastic success with our NutriSlim weight loss programme. This is a long term programme that will ensure you lose weight at a steady pace and in a healthy way and is for both men and women. We provide one to one consultations and run NutriTalks Evening Events covering a range of different areas, from toddlers to teens…so keep an eye for these! Along with diet, movement is also paramount to good health and we run an eight week course, NutriBalance that will help you doing both. All information provided is strongly scientifically underpinned, there is no Nutri babble here!