About Laura

Dublin born Laura is a Human Nutritionist. She obtained a BSc in Human Nutrition from UCD. Laura started out in the family business in catering and the food industry. It was during this time period that Laura developed a keen interest in nutrition, individuals’ behaviour towards food and the impact on their choices based on their environment. This prompted her to take the big step of returning to education. Having completed an Access to Science in UCD, she became the first mother to complete a Human Nutrition degree in UCD. She has done several top up courses including Recipe Analysis in Kings College, London.

Laura’s areas of expertise include weight loss, family nutrition, corporate talks and healthy eating talks to groups.  She is passionate about nutrition and the impact of our environment on our choices. She has worked with Safefood on childhood obesity campaigns and Operation Transformation. She has worked with dietitians throughout the country, in particular with portion tools.

Sports in a large part of Laura’s life. She enjoys seeing a good sportsperson potentially becoming a great one by a change in diet alone.

Laura has worked with primary and secondary schools running their nutrition programmes and she is constantly amazed by children’s ability to understand and change their eating habits if they are given the opportunity. Nutri Talks is currently based in Co. Dublin.

Whilst there is currently no regulation for Nutritionists in Ireland, Laura has actively tried to change this as she believes that providing consumers with accurate and scientific based nutritional advise and information is key to a healthy and well balanced diet. She is passionate about fighting fads and practicing nutritional information that is scientifically underpinned. She is a member of The Nutrition Society.


Education & Qualifications


  • University College Dublin, BSc Human Nutrition (Hons)

Certificates and Achievements:

  • Kings College London: Recipe Analysis


  • ‘Third Level Students’ Attitudes to their Food Environment’
  • ‘An evaluation of a public health campaign aimed at changing the attitude, behaviour and knowledge of parents of 2 – 12 year olds in relation to their child’s intake of treat food through social media’