Balancing It All

Balancing It All

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Balancing It All

It is International Women’s Day! Women are amazing and do so much good in the world. My own life has been influenced so positively by a number of strong women. This includes my own wonderful mother, my beautiful friends and women I have met through business over the years they have all had a role in shaping the person I have become today and helped me through the many challenges of life.

Sometimes it can feel we are doing it all.  In this day and age women shoulder immense responsibility…that is not to say men do not pull their own weight too. Life is busy, between working, families and everything else women often find it hard to get time to themselves.  While trying to meet life’s demands women’s own dietary needs are neglected.  I often get asked by women about their child’s or partner’s needs before their own.

Eating a well balanced diet will increase your energy levels, boost your mood and provide you with better long term health. From changes in hormones through teenage years to pregnancy to menopause women need to have a balanced diet to meet these changes and reduce the toll these stages can take on our bodies. Here are a few tips to help busy women get a handle on eating well.

Eat your breakfast 

Wherever you need to get to or whatever you need to do, you will have a more successful day if you eat a breakfast. It does not need to be one that takes a long time to prep. A bowl of weetabix/bran flakes with low fat milk, porridge and fruit, poached eggs on toast, or even a banana and a slice of wholemeal toast will give you the energy you require to keep you going through out the day.

Pack a lunch 

If you are a working mom who finishes work and rushes to collect the kids after school, lunch is one of the meals that is skipped. This leads to unhealthy snacking and an afternoon slump that, let’s face it, none of us can afford. Homemade soup in a flask, a tasty salad, a tuna and sweetcorn sandwich or anything that contains some protein and vegetables are some ideas. Homemade is nearly always healthier and cheaper than eating out. My advice is plan it and prep it in advance and don’t forget to bring it with you!

Avoid unhealthy snacks

My clients are well used to me telling them, us women only need two snacks a day and try to keep them to 100 calories. If you have eaten three good main meals, snacks are just a bonus to fuel our bodies until the next meal. Picking processed foods that are high in sugar or fats will have the opposite effect. Be kind to yourself and make the best choices to help you.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more

Whether it is water, flavoured tea or cordial, keep hydrating. It stops you from being hungry, increases your energy and has the added bonus of helping your skin look flawless. Try to get 8 glasses of fluids into you. This does not include tea or coffee that contain caffeine as it hampers calcium and iron absorption, which is not good for bones and energy levels.

Power foods

Unfortunately there aren’t any…sorry! Eating a well balanced diet that includes 7 portions of vegetables, 3 portions of fruit, healthy carbs, protein and dairy will benefit you more than eating lots of just one type of food. Check out the new version of the food pyramid to find out how much is a portion and how many portions are right for you.

While there are many other ways to promote a healthy diet, making these few changes will benefit your healthy both long and short term.

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