The Ultimate Porridge

The Ultimate Porridge

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The Ultimate Porridge

Porridge is full of healthy wholegrains which contain fibre. This is what keeps you feeling fuller for longer and regulates blood sugars. This classic breakfast can be varied to ensure you won’t get bored with it.


Here are some simple steps and toppings for you to try:
  • Oats – porridge oats, quick oats (microwaveable).
  • There is also jumbo oats and rolled oats.
  • The type of oat you choose is what will make the texture either smooth or rougher.
To milk or not to milk?
  • Some people make it with water, others will add milk, be that a plant or animal based milk.
  • Or some stir in a spoon of Greek yogurt.
  1. There are various ways to cook porridge.
  2. Firstly, mix the oats and liquid together.
  3. Next decide whether you are going to microwave, cook on the hob, in an Aga or in the slow cooker.
  4. Cook for 2 minutes in the microwave, or up to 10 mins on the hob or overnight in the bottom oven of the Aga (make sure it is covered) or in the slow cooker. And serve with any of the toppings listed below.


Suggested toppings


  • Pear and cinnamon
  • Chop pear and add to porridge before the cooking process.
  • Once cooked sprinkle with cinnamon.


  • Almond and Banana
  • Using flaked almonds and sliced banana sprinkle over cooked porridge.


  • Fresh pineapple, ginger and walnut
  • Add two slices of chopped pineapple and grated ginger (1 inch) before the cooking process.
  • Once cooked sprinkle up to 6 chopped walnuts over porridge.


  • Greek yogurt and blueberries
  • Once porridge is cooked add 1 tablespoon of greek yogurt and up to 10 blueberries.


  • Sunflower seeds, pecans and dates
  • Add 1 tsp of seeds, 1 tsp of nuts and up to 30g of dates once porridge is cooked.