NutriTalks eConsultation

NutriTalks eConsultation

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Have you been wanting to get yourself eating better and feeling great but have a problem finding the time to sort this out? Are you working unsocial hours and want a consultation outside of normal working hours? Or do you want to have a healthy eating talk from the comfort of your own home? Our Nutri Talks eConsultation is the answer to all your needs.


Nutritional services available include:

  • Weight Gain Programme
  • Weight Loss Programme
  • Pre-Wedding Healthy Eating Programme
  • Healthy Eating Plan
  • Vegetarian or Vegan Nutrition
  • Diet and Sports Nutrition
  • Childhood Nutrition
  • Breastfeeding and Healthy Eating
  • Pregnancy Healthy Eating
  • Men’s Nutrition
  • Teen Nutrition
  • Feeding a Toddler


Send an enquiry now to find out more about costs and duration of talks.