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With the right support, anything is possible!

One in three Irish adults are deemed overweight or obese. And this figure is set to rise!! Being overweight can leave you feeling exhausted, knock your confidence and leave you vulnerable to serious illnesses.  It can also feel like an uphill battle for someone trying to lose weight.

We have had many clients come in and say they had tried the usual methods of losing weight and know what they need to do but just cannot keep it off.  Fad diets don’t work, neither do cheat days! Using complicated point systems allows you to eat what you want as long as you have your points left.  But what do you do when you cannot use points for food?  Often you end up heavier a few months after finishing the ‘diet’ than when you started.

Here is where NutriSlim comes in – we provide you with that much needed support to get you where you need to be, whatever your target.  We will provide clarity amongst all the false information put out by the diet industry.  You can lose weight and it is easy.  The best bit is you will not be starving!

NutriSlim will provide you with:

  • 1 to 1 weekly weight loss consultations
  • A rounded education on nutrition
  • A personalised meal plan, to suit your needs
  • Tasty and nutritious recipes
  • A supportive and approachable weight loss coach

This twelve week programme will provide you with healthy eating habits and sustainable weight loss.  NutriSlim uses the most scientifically effective way to lose weight too!

Costs: €360 for 12 weekly consultations, each 30 minutes in duration

Cancellation/Non-Attendance Policy

We would greatly appreciate cancellation notice 24 hours prior to appointment. A strict cancellation policy applies if inadequate notice is provided.

A fee also applies to non-attendance for appointments


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