Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

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A large portion of the population is not meeting their nutritional needs despite the growing obesity epidemic in Ireland. We spend roughly 60% of our waking hours in work so this naturally leads the workplace to be a great place to start encouraging healthy eating.

Employees who have healthy eating habits are more likely to be healthier, stress less, have increased energy levels and feel happier. For the employer this means a more productive workforce, a happier work environment and less sick days.

At Nutri Talks we offer several different services and each can be tailored to your work forces particular needs. These include:

  • ‘Healthy Eating for Busy Lives’ – learn how to eat well easily and ensure you fuel your body properly. This talk can be aimed at different work environments i.e. shift workers, desk jobs etc.
  • ‘Feeding the Family’ – this talk is aimed at working parents and educating them on how to feed their family when under pressure and gain an understanding of how to meet their nutritional needs.
  • ‘NutriBalance’ – this is a more in depth course that runs for 6 weeks based on one hour a week. 30 mins of each course is based on healthy eating education and 30 minutes are getting people back to movement based on the principles of Pilates.
  • ‘Creating a Healthy Work Environment’ – make your work environment a healthy one. We work with catering staff and management to create healthy, nutritious and tasty menus.


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